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~  3/13/2019 ~ 

We have dog shampoo!

We have puppies!

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Dog Products

Dog Gone Good
Dog Shampoo
by Beatrice Collies

As a collie breeder and a dog lover, I have found dog shampoos are too harsh and unnatural to my furry pets. I don't like to use chemicals on my family so why would I use them on my dogs?  After much research, I came up with a few shampoo recipes which I felt comfortable using on my dogs and puppies.

It's called Dog Gone Good Shampoo! A dog shampoo which is PH balanced, natural, hydrating and soothing. I love using a small amount of essential oils in our shampoo, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and coconut oils.

I hope you will love this shampoo as much as my collies and I do. #happybathing