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~  3/13/2019 ~ 

We have dog shampoo!

We have puppies!

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Dog Gone Good Shampoo

  • As a collie breeder and a dog lover, I have found dog shampoos are too harsh and unnatural to my furry pets.

  • I don't like to use chemicals on my family so why would I use them on my dogs?  

  • After much research, I came up with a few shampoo recipes which I felt comfortable using on my dogs and puppies.

  • It's called Dog Gone Good Shampoo! A dog shampoo which is PH balanced, natural, hydrating and soothing.

  • I love using a small amount of essential oils in our shampoo, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and coconut oils.

  • I hope you will love this shampoo as much as my collies and I do. #happybathing

 Dog Gone Good Shampoo
 is concentrated shampoo. It will last a long time after diluting it with water.
$19.95 for 12 oz.
Sorry can not be shipped

Our shampoo has  basic ingredients:

(mostly organic & non-gmo)

Lavender Oil...replies fleas

Coconut Oil...moisturizes

Eucalyptus Oil...improving skin health 

Olive Oil...moisturizes

Jojoba & hair health

Hemp Oil...essential fatty acids 

Honey (made by our own bees)

Apple Cider Vinegar...removes smells

Castile Soap...PH balances





Gently tilt the closed shampoo container back and forth until the ingredients are mixed.

Mix 24 oz. of warm water and 3-4 Tablespoons of Dog Gone Good Shampoo together. Once you have your ingredients mixed together in bowl, gently stir to combine the ingredients.

When the time comes for your dog’s bath, simply wet your dog’s coat with warm water; pour the dog shampoo mixture over sections of his body. Once applied, use your fingers to message it into their skin and coat. This ensures that the mixture gets down to their skin and provides a thorough cleaning.

Then simply rinse the shampoo completely from your dog’s coat and allow them to dry off.

Thank you,

Rene’~ Beatrice Collies