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~  3/13/2019 ~ 

We have dog shampoo!

We have puppies!

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Puppy Items

~Puppy Needs~

1.   Food. Meat first ingredient. We feed them 3 times a day.

2.   Feeding and water bowls. Not elevated.

3.   Name tag showing puppy's name, your     details, and perhaps your vet's telephone number.

4.   Chews and teething aids (to be used under supervision).

5.   Poo bags. 

6.   Toilet training pads. "puppy pads".

7.   Suitable toys. 

  • Variety of toys (a ball, rope, chew toy and puzzle toy are good starts)

8.   Training treats (check they are suitable for puppies as some are not suitable until puppies reach 6 to 12 months). 

9. Grooming equipment

  • Brushes, combs, towels etc.

  • Pin or Slicker Brush, a must.

  • I love Self Cleaning slicker Brush (Amazon or Walmart).


10. Claw clippers and scissors.

11. Shampoo especially formulated for puppies.

  • I like Dawn Dish soap.

12. Puppy play pen, fencing, gates. 

13. Basket/bed, bedding and spare covers.

14. Furniture sheets or covers.

15. Crates: 

  •  Dogs are den animals, and they love the comfort and security offered by a snug space of their own.

  • Ideally, the crate will have three "walls," with a front gate your dog can see through.

  • It's important to find a crate that's just the right size for your puppy. If the crate has too much room, the puppy is likely to have an "accident" inside of it. But the crate should not be so small that he doesn't have room to sit up or stretch out.


Add some bedding, like old sheets, T-shirts, or towels, so puppy has something soft to sleep on, and be sure to leave him a few chew toys.

16. The Collie Ears~Supplies:

17. Puppy collar/adult collar & lead. Start out with harness.

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