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~  3/13/2019 ~ 

We have dog shampoo!

We have puppies!

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Male or Female?

I'm asked all the time, "What are the differences between a male and female"?Here are many observations:



1.  Females, are thought to be sweeter and and more loving, however females are ususally independent and stubborn that the males.

2. Females are much more intent upon showing their dominance by participating in bad behaviors, trying to establish who is in charge.


1.  Males, on the other hand, are usually more affectionate, outgoing, attentive, and seek your attention more ofter. 

2.Males are very attached to their family.

3. Males can also be more accepting of other pets.

4. Males rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as marking or lifting their leg, if are neutered by 7/8 months.

BUT, either gender of puppy will be a wonderful and special friend for many year. They will bring joy and unconditional love into your life!