The Beatrice Bugle

~  3/13/2019 ~ 

We have dog shampoo!

We have puppies!

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Payment and Payment Options

Deposit of $300
There is a fee.
Puppy Cost:  $1600
If you have paid:
$100 Waiting List
$300 Deposit
 You will have a $1200 balance. Use the PayPal to pay the remaining $1200.
There is a fee.
Puppy Cost:  $1600
If you have paid $300 Deposit,
then you will have a $1300 balance.
 There is a fee.

A Beatrice Collies's puppy is $1600 for limited registration. 


The cost for shipping a puppy is $400-500, depending on the where you live. The cost of the puppy and shipping, must be paid upfront before shipping to your family..We ship anywhere in the US.

The shipping cost includes:

1.  Puppy Health Certificate for flying.

2.  Airline approved dog crate.

3.  Airfare Ticket.



Beatrice Collie payment options are:

1.   CASH

2.   PAYPAL to


        made out to:  Rene Self